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Ours is a business of applying a very diverse array of creative services to the businesses of our clients. We do that with our team of talented professionals as well as with our network of service companies. Our strongest focus is on consumer products. We can design them; and we can help you to market them.

How can we serve you? Click our list for answers...

Are you a manufacturer who needs new product concepts?

Product Innovation - We can tap into our talent pool of more than one thousand innovators. They range from amateurs who are just plain creative to world-class professionals. Our army consists of engineers, industrial designers, inventors, artists, and clever folks like some of your friends and neighbors.
All we need is a hint of your goals and aspirations, and our CEO, Andrew Abrams will select the specific talent to produce fresh and practical product concepts.

Product Concept Licensing - It's quite possible that Agent Andy (aka Andrew Abrams) already has your next dream concept ready for you to review and consider for licensing. Our creative network is constantly feeding innovations into our inventory of projects. We have produced and licensed some successful product and product line concepts.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you need help in developing the design and engineering of your own concepts?

We can apply an individual professional, or a carefully selected team to bring your project to successful reality. Andrew will do the task himself, or he will direct any number of his associated mechanical or electronic engineers; prototype builders; package designers; and retail display designers.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you need a product marketing boost?

Andrew Abrams Associates can enlarge your sales picture with state of the art creative services such as:

Co-op Sweepstakes - You can offer your customers or sales associates an opportunity to win an automobile or a million dollar prize with a very modest budget. We work with an agency that invented and perfected the concept of combining the resources of a group of small businesses into a shared promotion.

Profitable Websites - You may know that almost any teenager can post a website for you. However, everyone has now learned that experienced professionals are the only means by which a website can meet the goals for which it is created. Aesthetics and function follow the dictates of a well conceived Internet strategy. The companies that we represent have successfully provided advice and programming to many businesses.

Informational Digital Media - Traditional printed advertising methods are here to stay. However, in some respects, they pale in comparison to the effectiveness and economies that are available in some of the new technology formats. Our techies and designers can produce wallet size and full size CDs that are: informative; interactive; entertaining; up-to-date; rapidly reproduced; and easily distributed.

Digital Photography - We have delivered high quality, digital product presentations, for use on websites, at extremely economical levels. No job is too small or large for us. Our primary studio can handle the production of hundreds of images in a matter of only a few weeks of time; and if your needs are bigger than that, our affiliates can be called in to multiply our capabilities.

Graphic Design - Our artistic computer jockeys are seasoned professional creators of commercial-grade graphic design. Since they are over thirty years of age, their experience has them putting aesthetic composition, deadlines, and budgets far ahead of the computer as a graphic playground. Good ol' fashioned hand-made artwork is also available in many styles and techniques. We produce logos; catalog sheets; package design; illustration; as well as animations.


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