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Andrew Abrams (aka Agent Andy) is a career coach to creative people and a personal coach to business executives and entrepreneurs. Andrew works with his clients as a team, to determine priorities for projects and create strategic plans for reaching goals and dreams.

The coaching sessions (mostly on the telephone) cover any subject that his client wants to discuss. Getting the talent applied to the career, or business, in the most powerful manner, and the career applied to personal desires and goals is everything.

Mr. Abrams applies forty years of business experience to any personal or business goals of his clients. The business can be divided into two types of service:

Coaching By The Task - For example, creatives may simply want him to help with a license negotiation. He can counsel with them through the process on a one-to-one, blow-by-blow basis. Andrew has helped to resolve stressful conditions related to specific problems with business partnerships, spouses, and career downturns.

Coaching On A Regularly Scheduled Basis - Telephone appointment times are set, on a fixed schedule, and he discusses the designer's, or entrepreneur's strengths and weaknesses. A plan is then formulated to reach his client's goals; and Coach Andrew makes sure that the best effort is made to expedite the plan.

Fees for coaching are billed on a per diem basis, or (where applicable) on an agreed amount based on a formal proposal. One-shot teleconference service for quick and sharply focused career or project discussions are also offered on request.

You can attend one of Andrew's workshops for designers and innovators. If you cannot find a nearby workshop on our Events list, we will be happy to try to schedule a workshop in a convenient location for you. Please contact us, if you would like to propose a location and topic.

"We found the client, but Coach Andrew helped me to create the working relationship; and they remain our largest customer."

- Stephen T. - OEM Manufacturer

"I feel good about most of our discoveries together. Thank you for being my coach."

- Carol F. - Business Executive


"I tripled my Salary since I know you. So if anyone wants to know what kind of a coach you are please have them call me."

- Sandra U. - Fashion Designer


"Every time I talk to you I feel like a whole person."

- Anonymous - Paralegal

"I got about $1million dollars worth of advice from Andrew Abrams yesterday. Truly a priceless 45 minute conversation. He is a designer, licensing agent, genius all around to bringing products such as mine to market." - Alissa - Inventor